Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing

Nanofabrication represents the essential steps in producing a nano-device or nanosystem. We have developed a set of novel, massively parallel nano-patterning techniques including: a) Surface Plasmons Assisted Nanolithography (SPAN); b) Digital Micro-mirror Device based Projection Printing (DMD-PP); c) Nanofabrication using Near-Field Laser optics (Nano-NFL); and d) Flash Imprint Lithography using a Mask Aligner (FILM). Our continued efforts in developing novel nanofabrication techniques include approaches that integrate top-down with bottom-up processes. We are also developing nanomaterials such as gold nanorods and piezoelectric nanocomposites. Our aim is to apply these nanoscale processes and materials for the development of innovative biomedical devices.

(Left) Nanoimprinting of hydrogel. (Right) PEG-coated gold nano-rods